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Life is full of decisions and surprises. You never know what is waiting for you around the corner. Sometimes we are even scared to look, and so we stay in the same comfortable spot year from year. Comfort doesn't always mean happiness. Comfort sometimes is being used to things that aren't even close to the happy life, that You imagine.
Now I know.
I let my fear behind to find my comfort in discomfort. Getting myself out of ordinary routine. Learning to stop and take a deep breath. Traveling with no strict plans for the future. I am scared of the unknown, but I will give it a try!
So I left my job, my comfort zone, to see what is around that corner... 


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About Me

My name is Elisa. Negativity used to be my second name. In my mind Happiness was something far and unreachable.
All I wanted was to feel free, at least for a moment.


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