Little Fairy Tale city Kuldiga.

Valdis Skudre photography

In a small country of Latvia, there is a region called Kurzeme, and in the middle of this region is one of the most wonderful and beautiful small cities I know. I am proud that I can say - most of my life a have spent here. This is my happy place. Kuldiga or Goldingen (as the most locals call it) with a population of approximately 11,900 (I would say less, because of the students and young people more and more heading to the Capital) is a gorgeous and quiet place to take a breath after the rush in the big cities. If you are looking for scenic views, nice parks, historic streets and idyllic corners with flowers on sills - this is a place for you.

One of the most famous parts of Kuldiga is its old brick bridge. It's the third longest brick bridge in Europe. Filmmakers love to use it as an interesting background for their art ("Die Brücke"). And of course, if you go to the bridge you can't miss the wonderful waterfall Ventas Rumba. It's the widest waterfall in Europe. Buum! How about this amazing fact? I always tell this to my foreign friends. And usually, it convinces them that this actually is a wonderful place to go.

And if you come to the city in summer you can be one of the lucky people to get a free massage from the waterfall itself (relieve back pain and reduces cellulite - Ladies and gentlemen it's a SPA for free!).

Thanks to the amazing photographer Valdis Skudre you can see both of these famous objects in one breathtaking shot (check out his homepage:, instagram: @valsisskudre , and facebook: ).

So one of my favorite parts of the city is its oldest part (old town). It's small and you can easily go directly through it in about fifteen minutes, but I can guarantee you you will not do it. There are so many picture perfect corners that you will stop a lot, either for a good Instagram snap or just to breathe in the ancient rustic environment.

Red tile roofs, wooden windows, cobbled streets and flower decorations wrap city in some kind of majestic, peaceful aura.

These old world vibes make an interesting contrast with nowaday cars and people who did forget to wear their medieval clothes.

In sunny days, when the sky is blue city vibrates from the colors you can see on buildings and flowers. Wear something bright and dive in the colorful cocktail.

Also in this city, you will notice that there is something about doors. If you usually are a fast walker and don't pay attention to details, please slow down! Here doors are old, colorful, intricate, with small windows and wooden details. Just google: "doors in Kuldiga" and you will see - that's hell of an art, or better come and see for yourself!

Also, it's good to look up as well. There are many weathervanes on the roofs and all kind of other unexpected things.

Because of the ensemble of the building around the Aleksupite River, which flows through the old town, Kuldiga is also called the Venice of Latvia. This small river flows directly next to the foundations of nearby houses.

And we can't forget about City Garden. It's a wonderful green park with nice paths and benches where you can rest after long walks. It's very beautiful during fall, when colorful leaves cover the ground. In this park there is also city Museum and wine basement which is located right in castle mound. There is many legends around this place as well as the city and of course deep history, but that I will let you to find out by visiting this pearl.

For more information visit Kuldiga's homepage or contact me.

All pictures (except the main picture) is taken by me with Huawei P9, please contact me, if you want to use them. For more pics visit my instagram and facebook page.

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