ROME 1.2.

Although we were super tired from the heat, we still decided to go to another side of the city to cross the border and walk into another country. You guessed right - to the Vatican!

We wandered around the small and narrow Roman streets and saw all kinds of architectural masterpieces.

People know how to make money on tourists.

We loved the bridges over the Tiber river. Each of them was different, with sculptures and ornaments.

Roman traffic is another story. With our northern mentality, it seemed like an endless chaos. But despite loud beeping and sudden manoeuvres, locals seemed to get from point a to point b quite okay. Also, one thing we learned. If you want to cross the street - do it! If you just gonna stand and wait when cars will stop, it just not might happen. Sometimes I was scared, but my boyfriend just took me by the hand, and I crossed the street with closed eyes. For me, it was a little too extreme.

Vatican welcomed as peaceful as it should be. There were many of tourists in the long line to get in the Saint Peter's Basilica, so we decided to skip it. Also, we weren't dressed properly, with naked shoulders and legs.

Some tourists were hiding from the burning sun in the colon shadow. We did the same, to gain strength for the rest of the day.

We just got enough rest to walk to the closest gelato cafe. It was the first time for me to try this famous Italian dessert. It was crazy delicious!!! Just what we needed on a hot September day like this.

We just had to do two more important things. The Spanish steps and Trevi Fountain.

Spanish steps were beautiful, despite hundreds of tourists sitting on them. This wasn't the best time to see them, but we were happy to be there. Because of the heat, we joined the crowd and sat there for a while and admired the scene. Steps was built in order to link the Trinità dei Monti church that was with the Spanish square below. Interesting fact - on the 13th June 2007, a drunken young man attempted to drive a Toyota Celica down the Spanish Steps. Luckily no one was hurt, but several of the 200-year-old steps were chipped and scuffed.

After that we visited Fontana di Trevi or Trevi fountain. It was wonderful. The fountain was built at the end point of the aqueduct, at the junction of three roads. That give the Trevi Fountain its name, the Three Street Fountain.

We joined the other tourists and threw some coins in the fountain - I wished to return here. After year and a half my fish came true, but that's another story...

It's hard to describe this gorgeous, artistic, heavy stone fountain, so I really suggest to see for yourself.

The day was filled with beauty and art, so we felt very tired. Our host waited for us at home and even cooked pasta for dinner. We sat on the terrace and enjoyed the fresh air. It was a perfect ending to this day.

To be continued...

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