ROME 1.3.

In our last day in Rome we decided to return to Vatican in a lot more early hour, to see it with less tourists and also to save ourselves from the crazy heat. It was like walk through the streets we already know, and we felt that Rome had accepted us. Although the city is huge, we didn't felt like strangers anymore. We accepted its chaotic charm.

We also passed the Spanish steps again and walked through old town again to keep it deeper in our memory and also visited Piazza della Repubblica.

It was a huge square with ancient buildings around it and fountain in its center. There we waited for italian guy who promised take us to the sea side. In this heat it was the best idea ever. Although it wasn't in our original plans, we just couldn't say no.

He arrived with a typical locals car - very tiny and bruised. We squeezed ourselves in the little clown car and hoped that the sea is close. He took us to the Ostia which is a large neighborhood in the X Municipio of the commune of Rome, Italy, near the ancient port of Rome. It is also the only district of Rome on the Tyrrhenian Sea. Our friend told that as it is September already, we should catch the last summer days. I was shocked because it was +40 degrees Celsius. For us, it wasn't the end of the summer temperature. But we saw that most of the locals resist the water and mostly sunbathing. For us, it was a perfect condition for a swim. The water felt really warm, hot even by our standards. So we enjoyed relaxing swim and sun. It was perfect!

Our Italian friend took us back to Rome, to our hosts place. Our host promised to take us to a very good Pizza place, where most of the locals go. As everything seemed very expensive for us, we didn't get the chance to try real Roman Pizza, so this was our chance. We waited until 7 pm when the place opened. It was weird for us, because in my country restaurants usually open in the morning. Turned out that most pizzerias what we saw in the old town of Rome were just for tourists. They also open in the morning, so tourists could try local pizza any time of the day. Locals don't go there - first of all, because of the tourist crowds and second of all because the quality of the food is much worse. For locals pizza is dinner food, that's why real pizza places open in afternoon (usually at 6 or 7 pm or even later). Italians like late dinners, so the biggest crowds come after 9 pm. It is easily explainable with the weather. After a day full of heat, locals enjoy the light breeze, sitting on outdoor terraces and drinking wine.

I am sorry for the blurry picture. The waiter was very busy so he probably just wanted to get away quickly. But still, you can get an idea of the place. Tables were very close to each other, so Italians do not worry about personal space very much. Also, the places felt very crowded and busy. This is not a place for a relaxed and peaceful meal. Usually, dinners are loud and people discuss many topics starting from How your day went to even political issues.

Even after our dinner, there was a long line with people waiting for their tables. It was a wonderful experience. The pizza was delicious and the atmosphere was so much different from anything we could ever imagine. I really recommend trying this. Don't go to the touristic restaurants (except if you are in the huge rush), and try the real thing.

In the next morning, we had to say Goodbye to this ancient pearl. And we did it right. With cappuccino and croissants!

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