It's Rome again!

As we wanted to skip the late Latvian winter, I and my boyfriend decided return to Rome. It was April, but in Latvia, there was snow everywhere. We were tired of cold. The Ryanair direct flights from Riga to Rome was canceled, so we flew from Vilnius. It was a nice reunion with Rome. It was a year and a half since our first visit.

We stayed at our friend in Trastevere.

This time we had more than 3 days, but we wanted to see more than just Rome. Although our Roman friend said that better don't - we still wanted to go to Naples.

First two days we spent in Rome to enjoy it once again. This time we decided to go inside the Coliseum and Roman Forum what we didn't do the last time we were there. We saved some money for the tickets and enjoyed Rome completely.

We waited exactly 2 hours to get in the Colosseum. I can really suggest you to value your time and either buy a ticket online or if you want a combined ticket (with other objects and places included) to buy it in any other of the objects, but not in Colosseum. Colosseum is impressive if you know at least some of the historical facts. If not, you probably will not understand the price of the entry ticket. When I was looking at the labyrinth I imagined gladiatorial shows and animal hunts while royal families were watching.

It was nice to walk around and see more than before. We enjoyed the nice weather. We walked to the Villa Borghese Park. It is a huge garden containing a number of buildings, museums, and attractions. It is a nice place to relax and lay down in the grass, especially if you get tired of the overwhelming city center.

We also visited Vatican. This time the main square was full of people. Turned out that the Pope had a speech at that time. Huge monitors let us saw him.

Returning to Rome was a good decision. To visit all of my favorite places was so nice. Especially because we saved a lot more money for this trip than our trips before. I am not going to lie - Rome is expensive. Although we usually travel as cheap as possible, this time we wanted to see more, do more and spend a little more.

So we spent two wonderful days in Rome. I really suggest not to use public transport if it's possible. I know that Rome is a huge city, but at least for the central part use your feet to explore all the hidden corners. Wear your most comfortable shoes and give yourself a feet massage after the long day, and then you can be back on track the next day. I am a huge fan of walking (except when I am hungry - feed me and we can go).

Another suggestion - have as much gelato and coffee as possible! Italians know how to please their customers with delicious cuisine.

In the second day, we returned to our favorite local pizza place. After having a nice dinner, we decided to take a rest. We still had few more days planned for our trip to Naples.

Read about our Naples adventure HERE.


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