Is quality over quantity really better?

Today I realized that I am a very nice, thoughtful and generous person. I practically buy clothes for my friends. I dress my sisters, my girlfriends and sometimes random people. I spend my time strolling through the shops, digging into discounts, sometimes thrift shopping. I spend my money and my time and then just give everything to other people. I am so nice! Am I?


My other hobby is sarcasm. And if you read previous lines carefully you already know that. Don't get me wrong - I like to give others gifts, sometimes for no reason, but now I realize this has gone too far.

So if you read my Confessions of a consumer! you know that I had a tiny problem with shopping and consumerism. So I own stuff. Too many for one person. And every time I have to move somewhere (or my closet doors don't close) I need to get rid of them. Of Course, I try to sell some of the things, but usually it is just a time consuming and long process, so it's easier just to give them to somebody. So we are back to me being a very generous person!

I feel much better if the things that I don't use (for some reason) find a better home and are being used. But because I had to move out of my apartment this time it got to a whole another level. I had prepared a plastic bag with clothes to my sisters, my best friends and almost every family female member which has the same size as me. And guess what?! I still have a ton of clothes. Okay, it is a much better situation, and I see the light on the end of a tunnel.

So I felt like a sponsor for other people wardrobes. Although it is generous it's still wrong. Because most of those people already have enough clothes, and If they do not force themselves to sort them regularly I know what will happen.

Now I understand that there needs to be some kind of dynamic. If something comes in, something needs to go. So I promise myself that this is the end of impulsive purchases. Yes, shopping is rewarding and sometimes I really need something, but it has to be controlled.

Sometimes even if I like something it just lay in my closet and never gets worn. So that means it has to go. If we can't "become friends" with a piece, even if it's crazy beautiful, it HAS to go! Because what is the point of keeping beautiful silk blouse in your closet for 7 years and never wear it?

Maybe it's time to finally evaluate yourself and pick quality over quantity! After all, I am not a Carrie Bradshaw with a closet of Narnia.

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