Comfort is a complicated thing. It makes you feel good, cosy and relaxed but it also makes you vulnerable. If it lasts too long you may get so used to it that when it will fade away you could start panicking, feel annoyed, frustrated or anxious.

Now I know that is a territory I shouldn't stay too long. In these past few weeks, I have experienced multiple uncomfortable moments. Mostly physically. I have been soaking wet and cold hour and a half walk away from the hostel, stayed in a campground without a shower when humidity and hot air is just unbearable, worked in an orchard in +30 degrees and burning sun, or rain and wind till my fingers hurt, stung by a wasp (Uhh that hurt) and many other things. And I know that is just a beginning and this is nothing. Many of those things could be solved with money. But you can't always rely on such a thing. If you want really enjoy life, go with a flow and get into adventures you have never dreamed of, money usually can't really help. Money can give you comfort - that is for sure. But constant comfort doesn't do you any good. I believe that many of you will not agree with me. But I really get much stronger, develop as a person and my attitude towards life changes. Things that I have seen as a problem before now seems like small bumps on a road. I spend much less time worrying about things because solutions are already in me. Most of the people forget to listen to themselves, forget to think, ejoy the silence, take a deep breath.

I was one of those people. Always in a rush, day by day doing the same thing.

Do you think that kind of life were fulfilled with laughs, new beginnings, growth, adventures, lessons to learn? It wasn't that much for me. You don't have to jump out of comfort every time you feel it. Just don't say "No" to things only because it looks uncomfortable. Don't think too much of what might happen. Your limits will never change if you going to avoid to get closer to them.

Discomfort is a teacher. You might learn something if you just let it do its work.


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