Brisbane city and why I love it!

As you know when we arrived to Brisbane it was quite dark (if you missed my previous post here it IS ), but I already fell in love with the architectural contrasts and the city vibes.

After a day in gorgeous Moreton Island, we decided to explore the city itself. Alan, our wonderful host, took us to the Mount Coot-tha Lookout.

It was the amazing view from above. After that, we walked in the woods a bit and turned out that all the streams have dried out. Alan told us about the drought that has been torturing farmers. In the city you can't really feel the damage and effects of it, but more inland it is very visible that drought is a serious problem.

Next stop for us was Asian food stop. Alan introduced us with some nice Thai dishes, I got fantastic bubble tea and even tried shaved ice.

After that he took us to see the city from Kangaroo Point Cliffs. I really enjoyed that place.

He drove us to the South Bank and let us wander by ourselves. He suggested us to walk along the river, enjoy the promenade and the views to the city center, towards Victoria bridge and then explore the center of the city.

We were so amazed by the parks, garden, public pool and lots of other family activity places. There was even a garden with spices, salads, and tomatoes. Paths were super clean, views of the city stunning, and we couldn't help ourselves by not stopping at every beautiful corner on our way.

Darkness came way to fast. I would say there wasn't enough time to explore this wonderful city.

So we ended up wandering around Botanical gardens in the dark. They were beautiful, so I can imagine how wonderful they look in a daylight. There were surprisingly many possums there. As they are nocturnal animals we saw at least 10.

After that, there was a time to walk the city boardwalk. There is no words how amazed I was.

There were multiple restaurants, cafes and they were full of people. The path was so lively. People running, riding a bike, taking a late walk with their dogs. And the view..... perfection!

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