Port Macquarie. Australia.

As we arrived in Port Macquarie, on a late evening, we were so happy when our host Chris, 65 years old traveler, already waited us with a warm meal. He lived next to a rainforest garden with lots of birds. Taking his advice we decided to hike to the city the next day.

We walked through the rain forest and soon entered beautiful Lighthouse beach. I was stunned by its peace and harmony.

Although the day started a little chilly, after a short time it became warmer. On our walk along the beach we couldn't help ourselves not to stop every 5 minutes to make pictures and video just to document this amazing place. There was some kind of magic in this place.

Yes, I was a little worried about the hike, knowing what could be coming out of those bushes. I still felt goosebumps every time there was some noise in the grass or bushes. Most of the times those were birds, and one time a lizard. I was begging not to meet that one snake that loves to chase people.

The walk took us 3 times more time than it should. But I just didn't want to rush. So we sat in the sand for a while and breathe in some of the peace. Water was amazingly blue, sand white and day perfectly warm.

We stopped by a little beach cafe and had some cool smoothies.

We finally reached the little city and saw the famous painted rocks.

We had a little walk in the city and quick meal before going to meet Chris.

Chris suggested us to go and see koala hospital. As it was for free, we didn't hesitate and met him there.

Chris was driving us in his Land Cruiser around just to find some koalas to show us in their natural habitat. Unfortunately unsuccessful. I was surprised to learn that they sometimes live very close to civilization. At least we saw some wild kangaroos chilling around the damn in a low cut grass.

After that he cooked a nice dinner to us. Sadly we knew that we have to leave the next day, but before that we went to the Lighthouse just to see sunset. It was strange to see the sun go down behind the hills, not over the sea as we are used to.

We are so grateful that we got to meet Chris. He had so many stories to tell us and I was wondering how did he manage to do so many things in his lifetime. We were learning about his teenage years, how he arrived to Australia, got a wife and bought a land in the middle of nowhere. He built his own house and manage to raise two children. And just couple years ago traveled around South East Asia and volunteered to help children.

That made me think that I am on the right track. Seeing the world and living by my own rules are my priorities. And I know that if I will do what I love and do it with passion my life will be as colorful as his.

The next day we had to continue our trip, we were so inspired by Chris, that we decided to get up before the sunrise. And for the one last time went to the Lighthouse to say - Goodbye!

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