Hamilton - close to everything!

After our wonderful vacation in Australia it was time to return to New Zealand. We flew in Auckland and in next day packed our things and left.

Our road trip started with a stop in Hamilton. As locals say – there is nothing to do in this city, but it’s quite close to everything that might interest people (Hobiton, Waitomo caves etc.). For a moment it felt true, until we decided to stop by a car Classic Museum. Aldis was in Heaven and even I didn’t mind to hang in there. I believe that every true car fan would have a great time in there.

After car admiring we had some food in the café. It was in the same building and there were typical American Dinner vibes. I was thrilled to see Merilyn Monroe on the toilet door for ladies and Elvis Presley for men.

Our next stop was Hamilton Botanical Gardens. And – Oh Boy! This place surprised us. There were garden sections dedicated to some specific styles like fantasy gardens (Tudor Garden, Tropical garden, Alice in Wonderland etc.), countries (India, China, Italy etc.), productive gardens (Herb and kitchen gardens certainly gave me some inspiration), and others. You have to see it, to really get the idea. Smell the flowers and see all of those colors, installations and buildings.

Although it was still winter and a lot of flowers didn’t bloom it was still beautiful and magical. Each one of the sections was special. We walked around for couple of hours and admired all the details and work put in this incredible place. And best of all this place is free.

Sakuras and bloomed and birds sang their songs very loudly. One of my favorite places was greenhouse. It was filled with blooming orchids and other flowers. In other room they had cactus and succulents and in the third one palms, banana trees and other tropical plants and trees. This was very good place to spend our time and I would definitely suggest to stop by, especially in spring and summer.

We stayed with couchsurfer Richie and he took us to see the glow worms during the night. Turned out he was a youtuber and lawyer. Once again there was proof that by doing couchsurfing you can meet most amazing and interesting people.

Next day we decided to walk around the city. It definitely wasn’t as boring as locals claimed. There was some artwork on the walls and some very interesting sculptures.

On our way out of the city we saw the most amazing and incredible double rainbow that made our visit extra special.

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