Makara Beach Loop track. Is it worth it?

Another hiking trail close to Wellington is Makara Beach loop track. The road is very windy so it’s easy to get movement sickness.

The beach itself isn’t that spectacular, but we really wanted to walk The trail.

We started the track along the beach. And as claimed after some time we were able to see the South Island. Some parts were very rocky, but most of the track was covered with pebbles (wasn’t the most comfortable part of the walk).

To our surprise we saw at least 7 dead animals on our way. From a goat, cow and possums to all kind of birds. The smell was awful. This really didn't make the trail more appealing to us. Although the views were really nice.

After making our first turn inland it started to get a lot more interesting. There were steep roads, green hills, ducks walking around and sheep and goats (this time alive).

After a steep climb up we saw a lot of wind generators close by. It is understandable that wind here is a great source of energy.

The views were beautiful. We could see the blue water in the strait, green hills and wind generators majestically standing on top of them.

After a little rest stop we continue our hike.

The walk is relatively easy (except the pebbles and a steep road up the hill) and filled with nice landscapes from the top. If you want to skip the beach part you can also walk up the hill from the beginning and come back the same way.

This is not the must do trail, but definitely if you have extra time give it a shot. Just bring some snacks with you.

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