Where to see seals around Wellington, New Zealand.

Since our arrival in Wellington we had been told about seals that you could easily see lying and relaxing on the boulders near the beach. You just have to know where to look for them.

After one unsuccessful and one successful attempt we can tell you where.

Most people go to Red rocks to see them and that’s where we went. If you have a four-wheel car it will be easy for you, because you can just drive along the beach until you see them. For us the only way was walking.

The first time we went there it was terribly windy. Yes, I know, it is Wellington and wind is a daily part of it, but sometimes it’s a bit too much.

We didn’t calculate how much time we will need for walking (we didn’t have a clue how far we need to go anyway). As it was late already we felt very unlucky. The sun was already gone and although it was still a beautiful place and I even found my first Paua shells, there were no signs of seals.

So we reached The Red Rocks and went home after that.

The next time we went there on our day off. We started our walk in the morning just to make sure we have enough time.

Sun was shining and the wind was surprisingly light and breezy.

We passed the Red Rocks and walked until we reached The Hells gate. It looked like a doorway cut in a cliff.

There were sign warning about seals and the rules not to approach them. That is their territory so everyone should respect that.

At first we felt that this isn’t our lucky day either, because there were no seals to be seen. But after looking closer we noticed that some of the rocks are moving. It’s hard to tell them apart from rocky beach.

They looked bored and lazy, sleeping in the sun, turning their head towards us just to see what’s happening.

We didn't get a good pictures of them but it is anyway nice to see them that close.

You can also spot seals at Kirikiri Bay.

We saw a lot of them after visiting Putangirua Pinnacles (read about our experience visiting pinnacles - HERE.) You just have to drive towards Cape Palliser Lighthouse. And right between Mangatoetoe and a Lighthouse you can see them lying in the grass or resting on the rocks. Just drive slower and you can easily spot them.

Just remember to keep your distance and not disturb them to much. They are much stronger than you, and can get aggressive, especially around their babies.

There are many more places to spot these cute giants.

If you are not sure – ask the locals!

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