Fox Glacier Valley walk

After Franz Josef glacier we decided not to skip his "close by neighboor" Fox Glacier. It is a 13 km long temperate maritime glacier. Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers are among the most accessible glaciers in the world. so it is understandable that there are a lot of tourists here every day.

First of all Fox is at a really low altitude which makes it super easy to get to, secondly, the glacial valley is surrounded by rainforest which is an odd combination, but Hey - it's New Zealand.

The trail to the Glacier is well formed, but a bit steep.

There are also a couple of other little spots close by which also offer great views with less people - the Chalet Lookout track or the Chancellor Dome hike.

After retreating for most of the previous 100 years, Fox Glacier is becoming smaller and smaller.

Unfortunately the Glacier view road "will be closed for the indefinite future after an engineering report commissioned by DOC and the New Zealand Transport Agency found it was no longer practical to re-establish road access into the valley."

Let's just hope there will be an access to the glacier in the future.

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