Lake Pearson

After challenging ourselves by climbing the Avalanche Peak, we needed at least one laid back day. Our legs and arms were sour from the hard climb, but we still wanted to spend some time in Arturs Pass. So we decided to visit the lake that was quite close to our campground.

We spent the day by the lake Pearson wich was surprinsgly calm and there were almost no people around. It turned out to be a very hot day at the lake. We even sunbathe for a bit. Aldis tried to swim, but the water was pretty cold. Although it wasn't far from our campground and Arturs Pass village it felt like totally different climate zone. It was still early spring, and it was mostly a bit cold, but here at the lake were no wind and it felt like in the middle of summer. We choose to spend most of the time under the willow trees.

There is a campground at the lake Pearson as well, but as it was paid we decided to go back to our campground which was free (at least at that time it was).

As soon as we returned to our campground it was cold again. We even had to wear our down jackets. So if you want to spend a warm day in Arturs Pass, it is possible that Lake Pearson will be warmer than some other places.

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