Sydney. Whale watching and Walking tour.

After huge breakfast we took a long walk towards China town.

We got some cakes and relaxed before our scheduled ferry ride.

We took a 4 hour ferry ride, to enjoy views to the city, Opera House, Harbour bridge, and the coastline.

The ride was very nice. It was amazing to see all the best sights from a different angle.

It was a magical moment when we spoted whale couple swimming right next to our boat. They were diving and we could see tails and fins. Those gracious animals seemed enjoying the attention and didn't rush away.

At the end of our ferry ride we felt a little seasick, so we were glad to return to the solid ground.


The next and the last day we decided to spend walking the free tour. We really wanted to know a bit of the history and get some more information about the city.

Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions.

It was very interesting to walk the streets and try to imagine how it looked when the first prisoners were left to live here. There was no prison with walls, just ocean on one side and desert on the other, so not really a way out.

A lot of them wasn't guilty of the charges. Some of them had good skills in house building and farming. The funniest story was that on of the convict who was charged for money forgery, did so much good to develop the city that ended up being printed on money bills. Don't know is it true, but if it is, than quite ironic story.

The whole city is the mix of gothic, georgian, neoclassical, romanesque architecture styles.

It was very useful to have a guide who shows all the hidden corners and streets, which otherwise would be left unnoticed.

Here you can see the historical highest building of the city at that times and the one who is the highest now. St James church and Sydney Tower Eye.

We ended our tour close to Harbour bridge. And so we decided to go on it, just to see city fall into the darkness. It was a magical end to our trip.

Aldis was more excited about the food after that. We tried the newest trend - soup dumpling! Delicious!...

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